About Accurate Labs

Accurate Labs is part of the JAN Resources family in the USA. Our commitment to great products and exceptional service extends to everything we do. We work with oilfields and energy and help make water safe. During Coronavirus, the many customers that we serve needed help keeping their employees and family safe and their businesses open. Knowing the excellence of our labs and our extensive testing, they asked us if we could use our resources to create hand sanitizer for them.

We formulated liquid and gel sanitizers that we all loved - us, our families, our customers, and the front line workers that we donated the supplies to.

We even pursued stringent FDA approval so our customers could trust the quality we were providing them. Our liquid and our gel sanitizers are FDA approved and have gone through rigorous testing for effectiveness and safety.

Accurate Labs is committed to providing great products that will keep your family, your friends, your co-workers, and customers safe from the germs and viruses we face today, helping you create a clean and safe environment both at home and on the go. We are determined to provide quality and confidence to our customers.

When you use an Accurate Lab product, you can trust that it will perform and do what the labeling says it is going to do.

All our products are FDA approved and made in America.