Should Hand Sanitizing Be Here To Stay?

By Accurate Labs

Should Hand Sanitizing Be Here To Stay?

I was at an eyewear store trying on glasses. Some frames were definitely not right for me and ended up in my “reject basket”.

After the small basket was full, the technician working there whisked the basket away and began the tedious job of sterilizing the frames before returning them to the display.

I commented, “that has to be a pain” as I watched her cleaning the glasses.

She laughed, “it is, but when you really think about it, we probably should have been doing this all along”.

I asked her, “how often did you clean them before”?

“You don’t want to know” was her answer.

I thought about all the fingers and faces those frames could have touched. Gross. I agreed with her, “Yeah, it probably should have been happening all along”.

We all want the world to get back to normal.

But at the same time, parts of this social distancing and germ aversion have been nice.

For example, for me, this is the first winter I have had in a long time without getting a cold, the flu, or a stomach bug.

And while I do dislike wearing the masks and am looking forward to not needing those, I do like the extra attention to having clean surfaces by businesses now.

I also like having hand sanitizer available everywhere. I sanitize my hands when I enter and exit most places now. If there is sanitizer available, I use it.

I hope that is one of the things that won’t change.

I hope businesses will still offer hand sanitizer at the door and counters. I hope they will still wipe down the high-touch areas.

Because, frankly, I like not being sick. Of course, I don’t want Covid, but I also don’t want the flu or a cold. Or a sore throat. Or a fever. I hate all of those things. I hate missing work because of all of those things. Or going out because I can’t afford to miss work and making other people feel as terrible as I do.

I am going to admit it. I am just one of those people who hates being sick.

And when I go into the store or to my dentist or the post office and use the sanitizers, I always feel a little bit grateful that it is there. I use it and I appreciate it.

Cleaning high touch areas and having hand sanitizer available at the entrance and exit points of common areas just feels like something we probably should have been doing all along.