How To Use Our Hand Sanitizer

By Accurate Labs

How To Use Our Hand Sanitizer

I would think that people know how to use hand sanitizer, but yesterday I realized quite a few people have no idea they are applying it wrong.

Yesterday, I went to a famous big box store near me. As I grabbed my cart, I watched a lady ahead of me as she got hand sanitizer. She pumped it onto her hand, rubbed her palms together for a minute, clapped her hands 3 times, and then went on to do her shopping.

The only part of her hands that even touched the sanitizer was her palms. No fingers. No thumbs. Just her palms.

Curious, to see what other people did, I stood back and watched the next person use the hand sanitizer.

He smashed his hands together and rubbed, like he was making a snowball, and then quickly swiped the back of his hands together, and was done. He also ignored his fingers and any contact with the sanitizer on his thumbs seemed almost accidental.

After him, I watched a guy stick his hand under the sanitizer and then rub the sanitizer onto his cart handle to clean the cart handle.

Hand sanitizer is such a familiar product to product that many people don’t realize they aren’t using it correctly.

I think part of the problem is that people don’t really understand how hand sanitizer works and why they need to apply it more thoroughly.

Hand sanitizer is not a barrier on your skin that keeps germs from getting to you. It isn’t like an invisible glove. Think of it more like a waterless handwashing moment. While the sanitizer is wet and in contact with your skin, it kills microbes and most germs. Once it dries, the sanitizing effect has ended.

It should take about 20-30 seconds to rub in your hand sanitizer. Rub the sanitizer in all over your hands until completely dry. If your hands are dry in about 10 seconds or less, you may not have put enough on your hands.

So, you only have about 20-30 to get the most effectiveness out of it.

Take advantage of that time to get the hand sanitizer everywhere on your hands. On your fingers, between your fingers, around your thumb, and your palms. The most important part of the hands to clean are the parts most likely to touch your face. Often, these are your fingers.

Most people get a better distribution of the sanitizer on their skin with the gel than with a liquid. This is one of the reasons that some people prefer gel sanitizers. Gel sanitizers tend to last a bit longer on the skin before drying so you have more time with the gel to clean your hands before alcohol in the sanitizer has evaporated.

The alcohol is the cleansing agent in the sanitizer and is what you are spreading around to kill the microbes and germs.

The amount of alcohol in our sanitizers varies in strength. All of our sanitizers are effective and FDA-approved. You just choose the one based on your personal preference.

I personally use the 72% one. It is just the one I like the most. Some of our customers prefer the 80% one because they like the higher strength. This is the level that our customers in medical settings often prefer.

But the amount of alcohol in our products doesn’t matter if the sanitizer is only being applied to a small part of the hands. We make a great product - our sanitizers are some of the best quality you can get. Our hand sanitizers are a premium pH-balanced formula that is mild on your skin. They are a mild blend of skin emollients and alcohols.

It really does matter though if you are putting on the sanitizer correctly.