Our medical grade 80% hand sanitizer used in hospitals and given to thousands of front line workers in our charity efforts is now approved for home use. Our whole sale sells out quick so get it while supplies last. This is the highest graded FDA approved hand sanitizer that kills 99.9999% of germs but with our unique soft formula leaves your hands soft every time.

  • Liquid Hand Sanitizer

    Kills 99.99% of germs and leaves hands soft and moisturized.

  • Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

    Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser - Wall Mount

  • Gel Hand Sanitizer

    Kills 99.99% of germs and leaves hands soft and moisturized.

Hand Armor - Gel (80% Alcohol)

Kills 99.99% of germs and leaves hands soft and moisturized

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Your Hands Deserve The Best

Your hands deserve superior protection and sanitization! In our commitment to creating great products, we challenged ourselves to create a superior sanitizing formula while also taking care of your skin. Our premium pH balanced formula is mild on skin, yet strong enough for FDA approval.

We were so confident in the effectiveness of our sanitizer that we pursued stringent FDA approval at a time when many other companies were rushing their sanitizer to the market. Many were taking advantage of loopholes to avoid time consuming and rigorous credentials.

But this is the health of your loved ones, your employees, and your customers we are talking about. People rely on hand washing and hand sanitizing to help them stay healthy. They deserve better than cutting corners and loopholes.

You and the people you care about deserve a great product that works powerfully against germs but treats the skin tenderly. Our hand sanitizers do not create dryness or irritation on your skin. They are ph balanced to not disrupt your natural skin health. They are gentle enough to be used multiple times a day.

At Accurate Labs, we only create great products that we use ourselves and trust in our own homes and workplace. We are honored to have them in your home and your place of business as well.

Hand sanitizer is everywhere. Every time you step into a business, you are greeted at the door with hand sanitizer to apply.

We are sure you have noticed a wide variety in its quality as you have been putting it on your hands at the various places you have been visiting. Sometimes it is runny. Sometimes it smells awful. Sometimes it seems like it has been put together as part of a school science fair project.

And the feel! Sometimes your hands feel sticky and gunky afterward. Or your hands feel super dry, like all of the moisture has been instantly wicked out of your skin cells. Whether your hands feel tacky or dry as the desert, both of those results are unpleasant.

But here at Accurate Labs, we only create great products.

That means our hand sanitizers are an FDA-approved medical-grade quality that are strong enough to be used by front-line workers but also gentle on the skin for the people who use them. They are safe for frequent use, effective at killing germs and microbes, and available in different strengths for your personal preference.

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